Scientific Investigation Div.

The investigation with scientific methodology has long been the support necessary to carry out any investigation.

Air Security Div.

Our division of air safety is especially dedicated to the exponential aspects of risk…more

Six easy steps to

Solving the problem

The preliminary meeting that places no constraints between the parties, it is necessary to acquire information about the problem for which you require support from our structure.
So that we can carry out a survey and in-depth analysis, supported by possible and any documentation or other, delivery of items or detailed information, it becomes absolutely crucial for a correct assignment.
The dedicated attention to the information received, allows a personalized study feasibility, strategy, goals that can be reached, the alleged timing and the related estimated costs.
The delicate and sensitive activities Investigation, is well regulated by specific provisions of the law with absolute and strict procedures to be observed, so that the results obtained, may have a value in the appropriate fora
The preliminary hearings, the agreed strategies, form the basis of initial operations action intervention to support the solution of a case, the subsequent intervention activities with external dynamics, with the help and support of advanced technologies, as well as support Technical Consultants with proven track, determine the success and the attainment of objectives.
A detailed and detailed Report, supported by dedicated and specific analysis and advice to support each individual case, constitute the final documentation and if necessary, legitimate and esibibile in the appropriate fora, showing the results obtained.